Founded in 2001, PeopleG2 is a leading human capital due diligence service provider leveraging proprietary processes and tools to serve clients’ risk management needs and support their most strategic people-related decisions. 

Drawing on military intelligence-gathering term “G2,” PeopleG2 proactively and systematically conducts discovery on both the potential sources of value and potential concerns that accompany human capital assets. The company has consistently set itself apart from the industry’s highly commoditized, excessively automated background check service providers by focusing on each customer’s unique business needs and being a flexible, hands-on provider.

Whether a customer is looking for a standard or customized background checking program—or support for strategic people-related decisions such as hiring new executives, restructuring around key executives, acquiring a company, or working with a new supplier, customer or partner—PeopleG2 strives to be totally aligned with each client’s unique business needs. Services include: Executive Screening, Employment Screening, Business Screening and Tenant Screening.

PeopleG2 offers proven, scalable, high-impact and legally defensible business solutions for employers/human resources departments, executive leadership teams, business investors, corporate restructuring and merger-and-acquisition architects and even property owners. Clients include a world leader in workforce solutions, a premier quick-serve restaurant brand, franchisor of the world’s largest residential real estate sales organization, major health care providers and many other world-class organizations.

Innovation is the lifeblood of our company, and our mission is to lead with innovative services and solutions in a way that always generate sustainable business value for customers. PeopleG2 is intentionally countering the commoditization and end-to-end automation trend which dominate this industry, a trend we see as not in the customer’s best interests and actually fraught with risk. We believe that human judgment, critical thinking, deep knowledge of the customer’s needs and real human conversations are all essential parts of the business value equation in this industry.