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There’s nothing standard when it comes to staffing solutions – one size hardly fits all, and one approach never fits all companies. This is especially true for the most important part of the staffing process – the background check. If your business has unique needs, or if the position you’re hiring for requires a unique vetting process, chances are you’re going to need more than just a general approach to screening your candidates.

Sometimes that means going beyond just verifying a candidate’s employment history and screening for a criminal history. Other times that means changing up the actual methods of running your background check. In both cases, PeopleG2 has a deep menu of options available for you to choose from. In the sections ahead, we’ll outline solutions you may not have considered that can help you dig deeper into candidate backgrounds, along with other out-of-the-box solutions that can save you precious time and focus.

Detail-Oriented Staffing Solutions

Civil Court Checks

Depending on what you’re hiring for, a criminal history search may not tell the whole story. When it comes to key management positions, or any position in charge of handling and allocating large sums of company funds, a civil court check can find red flags that a criminal history search may miss.

Civil checks involve scanning court records to reveal if a candidate has been a respondent in any kind of liability case. This can mean a violation of civil or product liability or even harassment. To properly run a civil courts check, you have to treat it much like a criminal history check, meaning you have to run it at a local, state, and federal level.

On a federal level, records can reveal a candidate’s history of tax disputes, civil rights violations, interstate commerce or any other violation of federal regulations. On the local county level, a civil court check can reveal a history of foreclosures, small claims, personal injury lawsuits, or restraining orders. Finally, many states offer state-level searches which can act as a collective alternative to a county-by-county search.

DMV & Motor Vehicle Record Searches

While you might assume DMV or MVR record searches are strictly for positions where driving is a major part of the job, or at least a company car is involved, they can also assist in big ways when it comes to a more general screening. DMV and MVR record searches are returned quickly, and depending on the state, can include violations that won’t turn up in a criminal background check. This includes DUI convictions.

A DMV/MVR search can also show unpaid tickets or multiple safety violations – like texting while driving or not wearing a seatbelt – that tell a lot about how a candidate handles themselves on a day-to-day basis. They can also predict how that candidate might interact with their colleagues on the job. If someone has a record of speeding, road rage, or a number of other issues any standard background check won’t reveal, you’ll find out with a DMV/MVR search. It’s a surprisingly revealing screening when you’re concerned about a company culture match.

Procedural Staffing Solutions

Automated Adjudication

Adjudication – or report grading – is the process of filing a candidate’s completed background check as acceptable, rejected, or requiring further review. When comparing candidates, report grading makes it easier to filter out those who no longer meet criteria, along with soft-ranking those who ultimately still do. It can be helpful for final decisions, but doing this manually can be time-consuming, and vulnerable to a wide array of errors.

PeopleG2 automates this process for you, saving time and preventing mistakes to create a quick and trustworthy method of comparison. We can even advise you as you craft the initial criteria for your adjudication – though professional legal review is also highly advised to ensure there are no compliance issues.

Mobile Background Checks

Finally, there’s one solution PeopleG2 offers that encloses all the others mentioned here – doing it all mobily. SwiftHire and SwiftID work together to create a completely mobile background check process. Using both tools, you can verify ID remotely, order screenings within a few clicks, customize messages and invitations to applicants, and provide full transparency to the applicants themselves.

Our software syncs to your existing applicant tracking system to provide seamless integration, and give you full control of your background check with maximum convenience. Going mobile doesn’t just make your background checks safer, it makes them run smoother, with less time wasted and less paperwork for everyone involved.


Whether you’re looking to dive deeper into a candidate’s history, or simply tighten up your screenings altogether, there’s an outside-the-box idea waiting to be implemented in the next background check you order. PeopleG2 is here to apply these staffing solutions and more – whatever your needs, we can customize your screening to fit them, and give you a clearer picture of who you’re hiring, along with delivering it safely and conveniently.

With us, outside-the-box thinking has always been inbounds, and has helped us produce background checks that go above-and-beyond, for each and every client. Reach out to us today to see for yourself.

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