Improve Candidate Experience

With hiring surges happening across the country, many businesses are looking for ways to improve candidate experience. Going from the application process to phone screens to the interview process is a long, arduous journey. After all that, candidates often have to wait for background checks to clear.

Delays in hiring can be frustrating for both your company and your candidates – which can cost your business top-tier talent.

Some studies indicate that top talent is gone from the market in 10 days and that 57% of candidates lose interest in potential positions if hiring takes too long. Therefore, considering how candidates feel about the hiring process is vital. If you want to recruit the best possible talent for your team, it’s time to work on improving candidate experience.

At PeopleG2, we specialize in fast, efficient hiring by finding workarounds for common bottlenecks. We can offer some insight on how to improve candidate experience to help your hiring process go as smoothly as possible.

#1: Go Mobile with Background Checks

With work becoming increasingly remote, mobile background checks just make sense. Our mobile background check system, SwiftHire, allows applicants to initiate the screening process by entering their own information directly into our ordering system. Applicants receive texts and emails instructing them on how to fill out the forms remotely.

With mobile background checks, there’s no need for your hiring manager to handle the extra paperwork. Plus, SwiftHire keeps candidates up to date with their background check updates. This means there is no need for candidates to call the hiring manager about next steps. This makes the whole process smoother for you and your candidates, and saves your current employees valuable time.

#2: Hire Remote Employees

While many companies are seeing the rise of remote work as an inconvenience, it’s actually an incredible opportunity. You’re no longer limited to location when recruiting talent. When job applications can come from virtually anywhere, you can hire job seekers all around the country rather than being limited by location. You have access to an entirely new range of talent.

This opens up the recruiting process considerably, allowing you to be more selective with candidates from the get-go. This can potentially make the hiring process faster. You are able to better select the right candidates to match the job description and your company culture. In other words, remote hiring doesn’t just benefit your company – it can improve candidate experience as well.

#3: Connect Your ATS

Connecting your background check system with your existing applicant tracking system can significantly streamline the hiring process. It makes background checks much more efficient and much faster.

The traditional background check process can mean hours of recruiters or hiring managers logging onto a portal and entering information manually. Not only does this take a huge chunk of time out of the day, even small errors – like a minor name misspelling – can cause delays.

With PeopleG2, we can easily integrate your HR Software or ATS with our own API. Then, when you want to submit a background check, you simply select the background check you want and hit submit. You can request hundreds of reports at once, saving you hours of work. Your software will only send PeopleG2 the necessary data. You’ll get a notification – either in your HR software or via email – when the report is ready to view.

#4: Ensure Compliance

Background checks, obviously, have to be compliant with state and local regulations. Standards vary widely and parsing through the necessary paperwork to ensure compliance eats up a lot of time. Plus, it puts a lot on the candidate as they’re often handed giant packets of paperwork.

With Swifthire, we have a fix for that. Our mobile background system uses artificial intelligence to determine which documents are relevant to each applicant. Then, it guides candidates through the necessary questions and forms, asks them to confirm their information, and allows them to get through the process smoother and faster.

#5: Improve Candidate Experience

One way to improve candidate experience and speed up the process is to allow for quick response time. Traditional background checks require a lot of paperwork and often entail a lot of back and forth between candidates and hiring managers. With mobile checks, however, candidates are able to enter information much more easily. With Swifthire, candidates receive checks or emails that instruct them on how to submit their information.

Candidates can conveniently submit information via mobile devices. This cuts back on delays due to candidates being away from their computers or needing to run to a print shop to print and scan documents. With SwiftHire, 85% of candidates start the background check process the second they receive a text.


It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of a good candidate experience. Treating all candidates – even rejected candidates – respectfully reflects well on your company. It will help you attract top-tier talent in the long run. It’s important to always be on the lookout for ways to improve candidate experience.

As a lengthy hiring process is among the biggest frustrations for candidates, getting to the job offer faster and more efficiently is key. At PeopleG2, we’re always working on more ways to make background checks quicker, easier, and faster for everyone involved. If you’re interested in giving Swifthire a try, don’t hesitate to reach out and make the switch.

As always, let us know if you have any questions.

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