While there is a lot of discussion these days about workplace transformation that creates a workplace focused around balance, the bottom line for many companies is that they are just simply looking to get the job done.  Many businesses have had to make the decision to cut costs, which included letting go of employees.  This, in turn, has placed more strain on the existing workers to pick up the tasks abandoned by those that have been laid off.

When employees are feeling stressed in their jobs, this can lead to unhappiness which then can start planting seeds in the minds of employees that the grass might just be greener if his or her skill set was taken elsewhere.  Unhappiness in a job can equal turnover, so if companies aren’t ready to pay the high cost of retention and are willing to gamble with new hires to replace needed workers, they need to be ready to receive eager job applicants.

This is where a background check can come in to play.  With so many people out of work, it is important for companies looking to hire to be ready to examine a potential employee’s background thoroughly.  An employment screening offers various ranges of background examination, but can look into an applicant’s employment history via employment verification; education history via education verification; or criminal history via a criminal search.  The important thing is not to skimp on the depth of a background check, but be as thorough as possible so that your next hire can be one that will stay with your company for years to come.

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