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There are the basic parts of a background check that many companies use, things such as employment verifications, education verifications, criminal searches and driving history reports.  These provide the basic information about an individual and help companies keep things stable, but sometimes the position warrants a more advanced background check.


An advanced background check helps those companies that are looking to make a strategic move in their industry with their hiring, particularly from the executive leadership level.  Advanced background checks bring innovation that help with those game changing human capital decisions.  When it comes to investments, corporate restructuring or mergers and acquisitions, conducting a more advanced background check is advisable.

Other times that this type of check would be needed would be when considering the hiring of a new C-Level executive.  When hiring this level of employee, obviously there is risk due to the amount of search costs that can be involved.  The last thing a company wants to do is pay even more for an advanced background check.  This cost, however, would be worth the money in order to avoid what could be a disastrous decision if the prospective executive does not turn out to carry with him or her the hoped for leadership qualities.

An advanced background check can look deeper into a person’s integrity or judgment in particular situations.  It can also run a deeper examination of previous roles or accomplishments to ensure there is no tendency to exaggerate prior successes.  This advanced background check will also see what types of business and organizational contexts the candidate has, or has not, been successful in.

When the decision to hire, promote, invest in and retain the talent that will be the cornerstone around which a company works to build or strengthen its organization is made, there are both risks and opportunities.  Through the support of PeopleG2 and their advanced background check process, clients can feel comfortable moving forward in the most important decisions they need to make.

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