A business is only as good as the employees it hires. If you think you have a competent hiring strategy, you may have to reconsider. The latest dip back into the recent economic recession is not just a concern for maintaining the employees you already have, but its preventing long term costs towards the employees you’ll have in the future. The latest hiring strategies will not only improve a system you already have in place for hiring new applicants, but it can also create a new forum in which you communicate with all of your employees.

When an employer is given the task of hiring one or more new employees, they usually try to set a level of professionalism to set the atmosphere that all applicants will feel the need to adhere to. While this tactic is commendable, it can also create a facade a distrustful applicant can use to their advantage. An applicant who has practice lying or pretending will have no problem creating a profile that would impress any company. To find out what a candidate is really made of, you have to get personal. Questioning an applicant with inviting conversation about themselves or relating personal stories of your own will put an honest applicant at ease, and create noticeable tension in a dishonest one.  This tension can then be matched to information found through an employment verification.  A company can then know if the tension came from the fact that the candidate is dishonest about his/her background, or was perhaps just nervous about the interview itself and has the skills and background to match the position.

This is not to say that a candidate’s personality should take major precedent over the hiring decision, in fact, quite the opposite. Creating an open and relaxed environment will set a standard to how an applicant should appear to be, but an applicant’s personality can only mean so much. To really discover how a candidate would function in your business, most employment advisers suggest creating a skills only based interview session. This way, you get to see the personality of an applicant while also not letting it cloud your view of how skilled they are in the position in question. To complete a well-run interview, an employer must always run a background check on their favorite candidates to find any fraudulent information. So many companies still make the mistake of simply trusting a candidate at face value, which adds up re-hiring costs and drops your company’s professionalism in the hiring community.  An employment screening helps to separate those who will fit, and those who won’t, and it is desiged to save you money in the long run.

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