Jobless Applicant Background Check

A background check can be a useful tool for companies that are open to hire someone that has been jobless for a time.  A form of discrimination that has emerged out of the recession is that of companies discriminating against jobless applicants.  While hiring discrimination is nothing new, for one reason or another, companies are hesitant to hire individuals that have been out of the work force.  It’s an interesting twist, as people attempting to get jobs that have been out of work are turned away due to being jobless.  Companies are more interested in people that have been consistent in the work force, and often don’t take the time to offer a second look at unemployed applicants.

In a time in which employment screening is becoming a normal part of the hiring process, it seems that this would be a useful tool to help companies discern whether or not a person that has been out of the workforce holds the skills and background needed to be a productive employee.  If an education verification is needed, it can be provided through a background check.  If an employment verification is needed to ensure the applicant worked in a similar situation in his or her last position, that service can be provided.  If a clean criminal history is a requirement for employment, a criminal search can be conducted.

A bill is being put forth that would prohibit companies from refusing to consider and extend job offers to people who are unemployed.  Should it pass, companies could face lawsuits from unemployed applicants if they do not feel they have been given a fair chance.  An employment screening is a positive solution to avoid this type of lawsuit, as it will provide pertinent information about a candidates background.

In an interesting twist, job search web sites are now beginning to decline any job listing that states unemployed applicants are excluded from applying.  This is one positive step towards encouraging companies to open up to job seekers currently out of the workforce.

With so many people out of work, companies should consider their employment screening options that can assist them in being open and fair across the board and avoid needless lawsuits.  PeopleG2 has background check solutions that are right for every company.  You are welcome to contact our sales department at 800-630-2880, and we will help create an employment screening package that is perfect for your company’s needs.

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