In today’s business world, telecommuting is one of the advantages that people look for.  Whether it is because of the increased cost of gas, or the simple appeal of not having to commute, telecommuting is something that employees are looking for as an added perk to their work environment.

One of the difficulties employers have with the idea of telecommuting is the concern over decreased productivity and lack of supervision.  From an employee standpoint, however, the idea of telecommuting creates greater morale and a more productive environment than the distractions that an office can bring.  With all the discussions about work/life balance that tend to dominate the corporate landscape, once employers see the benefits outweighing the concerns, telecommuting has the potential to become something that helps companies to thrive.

When a company hires, it’s important to know who the person is that is being hired.  This can include everything from past criminal history to prior work performance.  An employment screening can provide a complete look into who it is a company is investing its resources into.  If telecommuting is an option a company utilizes or is considering, a verification search can provide information on past employment history as well as feedback from personal and professional references.  With today’s quality background checks from companies like PeopleG2, businesses from small to large can rest assured that the information they receive will complete the picture of an applicant and give solid evidence as to why an offer of employment should or should not be extended.

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