The background check process can be as simple or as extensive as a company would like it to be.  There are many different searches and verifications that can be included, but the most important thing is for a company to identify what is important for them.  Is it necessary to verify past employment?  Is it important to know a credit history?  Will a criminal past keep an applicant from being offered a position?  These are just some of the questions that need to be asked when considering putting an applicant through a background check process.

Background Check Process:  Criminal

background check process offers several different options for conducting criminal searches.  Through a database search, a company can search millions of records across the country.  If the desire is to conduct a more exact search, a county criminal search can also be conducted.  This is a court based search, and specific case information can be gathered via one of our researchers.  Criminal searches can also include federal level crimes, statewide searches, as well as a sex offender search.  Many companies choose the option of conducting some type of criminal search in the background check process, as this can help to weed out any potential problems when it comes to making a hiring decision.

Background Check Process:  Verifications

Another aspect of a background check process are the verification searches.  These include verifying previous employment, education and references.  These are often a key to successful hiring.  It’s important to know that what a person states on their resume is true.  A verification search can provide this information, and can assist the hiring manager in making an informed decision regarding an applicant’s employment and education history.

Background Check Process: Civil Searches

Civil searches can provide information regarding particular types of civil actions.  These include, but are not limited to, product liability suites, contract disputes and sexual harassment.  The civil searches contained in a background check process can be on a county, federal or statewide level.  It’s important for a company to determine the breadth of information they desire to know about a candidate when deciding to add civil searches to their background check process.

All of the aforementioned items are important to any background check process.  Other things can include drug testing, credit reports, international searches and a host of other options that can help provide a clear understanding of what an applicant brings to the table if offered a position.  Make sure to take the time to consult an expert salesperson at PeopleG2 to assess the needs of a company when it comes to a background check process.

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