Social Media is a great place to vent, and when it comes to background checks, jobs and firings, it seems people take to their Social Media platforms to put their true feelings out there. Hopefully, people that use these channels know these are open for employers or prospective employers to see what is being said by applicants or employees. Below is an example of what some are saying on Twitter about their recent experiences with background checks.


“I was supposed to get a job collecting carts outside of Walmart. I failed my background check. I am officially done looking”

“No kidding! Drinking before scheduled alcohol test is hazardous to your employment”

 “So I been working on my criminal record, right? Pulled a background check and NOTHING came up. I didnt know whether to laugh or cry”

 “When jobs say must be able to pass criminal background check. Does that mean because i have a record they not gonna hire me?”

 “For the amount of detail these guys are looking for with this background check it’s a shame that I am not a criminal.”

 “Didn’t find out until on the date he has been to prison for murder, not cool, dating sites need to do a criminal background check, dang”

 “I got hired at 2 jobs and fired right away after my background check came back!”

 “My manager just called me and said she forgot to ask me my DOB for a background check. OMG SHES GONNA SEE IM UNDERAGE IM GONNA GET FIRED”

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