A background check is a common tool utilized by employers to determine an applicant’s fit with their company.  While a well thought out employment screening package is an important piece, there are other parts of the interview process that are utilized to assess effectiveness for a potential employee.

More and more companies are asking potential employees to take part in a pre-employment test.  Whereas a background check can provide information about criminal history and prior work performance, a pre-employment test can provide needed insight into the type of employee they will be.  These types of assessments can measure things such as intelligence, skills, aptitude, interests, attitude, or common sense and honesty.  A persons attributes are important to know before extending an offer of employment.

When coupling an assessment with a background check, you can ensure that you are setting yourself up to make a good hire.  It is best to not just rely on an assessment test and a personal interview when making a decision as important as who to offer a position.  A background check will provide information that could prove vital to understanding who an applicant says they are vs. what they state on their resume.  Don’t be afraid to have prospective employees participate in an assessment test, but make sure your employment screening package is up to date and ready to be utilized as an evaluative tool in order to make your next hire a great one.

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