The traditional company that maintains all operations in one centralized location is being challenged by virtual companies.  There are benefits to both, but there are also challenges that each face in their daily operational procedures.  What is becoming more apparent is that some companies are working to create a hybrid, where there is a centralized brick and mortar location, but the company has a large percentage of virtual employees.  In today’s global society, virtual companies are becoming more in demand.  Virtual companies provide flexibility that has never been seen before, and this is what appeals to even the most stalwart Brick and Mortar Companies as they look to expand outside of their norm.

The challenges faced by Brick and Mortar Companies are the same that have been seen throughout the development of corporate America.  There is, of course, the need to rent or buy office space.  This can be a large cost for some companies.  Depending on the nature of the business, there is a need to purchase warehouse or showroom space.  While these are not intrinsic to only bricks and mortar, they are issues that need to be faced.

For Virtual Companies, there is a lack of face to face communication.  This can make communication difficult, and brings up issues of employee accountability. Another matter is time zone differences.  This can present complications, and takes some adjustment of work and life habits so that this issue is eliminated.

Whether bricks and mortar or virtual, there are shared issues that span the realm of the business world.  From employment screenings to cash flow to market identification, there are elements that need to be in place to make any company, regardless of its makeup, successful. In order to provide the customer with the best service and product, hiring the right people is number one.  A quality background check can provide a company with the knowledge that they have hired the right person for the job.  An employment verification can provide specific background knowledge of the applicants prior work, while a criminal search will let a company know whether or not an employee could potentially be a detriment to future performance.

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