While a long term solution to the recession is still quite a ways off, things are looking up for California, which means hiring opportunities and the need for background checks.  This state of California consistently has the one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, and while the strides made in October are small, they are a positive sign that things might be improving on the job front.

In October, 2010, California’s unemployment rate was at 12.5%.  As of this past October, this rate has fallen to 11.7%.  In this month alone, almost 26,000 jobs were created in the state.  This follows on the heels of job growth in September which came in at 39,200 new jobs.

While these are positive signs, and companies are feeling a little more freedom to hire, background checks are a significant item that cannot be overlooked.  As hiring increases, companies simply want to get new employees in the doors to assist the employees that have become overworked due to layoffs and other job demands.  It is important, however, that HR departments and hiring managers do not overlook the importance of an employment screening.  Money is wasted all the time because the things that can be uncovered on a background check were not uncovered, thus hiring had to start all over again.  An employment screening provides an understanding of the persons past, and gives a glimpse of how that employee might fit in the company and perform down the road.

As hiring becomes an option for some companies, don’t overlook a background check for any prospective employee.  PeopleG2 can assist you with conducting any type of search you deem necessary for your company.  It’s easy to make a quick decision, but it’s costly to make the wrong decision.  Conduct employment screenings on every candidate worth hiring, and make sure they are the right fit for your company.

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