There’s more to a hiring process then a simple interview.  While an interview can certainly provide knowledge of the type of person you are thinking of hiring as well as ascertaining their personal understanding of the duties of the position, the interview candidate assessment is considered to be very limited in scope.  In a period where resume fraud is at an all-time high and job seekers are doing anything they can to put themselves in position for employment, an employment screening becomes an even more important piece of the hiring puzzle and in many ways might trump the interview candidate assessment.

A background check can provide a tool for candidate assessment as a supplement to the “in person interview.”  Having as complete an assessment of a potential employee is the best course of action to avoid making a bad hire and having to walk through the entire hiring process again and again.  An employment screening can be created so that it meets the needs of the company, and it’s also important to ensure the things being searched or verified are compliant with federal, state and local laws.

One example of compliance is the use of credit reports.  For years, credit reports have been used as a tool in the hiring process.  Now, some states are developing or have in place laws which dictate that the use of credit reports in a hiring decision are not allowed, unless they are used for a specific position.  California, for example, passed a bill that went into effect on 1/1/12 outlining for what purposes credit reports could be utilized in an employment screening process.

When considering creating a complete candidate assessment, make sure that you conduct a thorough background check on your applicants.  The interview is a key piece, but not the entire picture.  An employment screening can help expand the interview candidate assessment, and give the company the best chance of hiring an employee that will last and be effective in the position he or she is hired for.

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