Unfortunately, people don’t really seem to care what they post to social media sites like Twitter, even when they are in the market for a job.  In a day in which social media is an open channel for employers or prospective employers to see what their employees or applicants are saying, one might think there would be more care taken about what is said.  This definitely is not the case.

Background checks can be frustrating for people and for many, they choose to air their frustration…or reveal their secrets…on places such as Twitter.  So here are the Top 10 Tweets as presented on Twitter for this week regarding background checks!  Enjoy!

  1. “To coach my kid’s softball team, they had to do a background check on me.  Good thing they don’t check Twitter!”
  2. “I went to work on Monday for a pre-employment screening apparently I failed and I’m on heroin lmfao”
  3. “We will be doing a ten year background check, fingerprint and drug screening.  Oh f*** no!”
  4. “New job found a Minor in Possession of alcohol ticket back in 2012 on my background check…whoops forgot bout that one”
  5. “F*** the background you can just check my rap sheet”
  6. “So basically it’s official that I got the job they just did the background check…Obviously they didn’t find this Twitter or my tumblr”
  7. “After metro checks my twitter and all the other s*** they do on their serious background check they not even gonna want me”
  8. “When u do a background check please never ever go 2 1992 I mean does that even count”
  9. “Come on, who are you going to believe? Me or the background check”
  10. “Ha ha ha ha, I think I just failed a background check because I put in a fake reference. No idea why, though”

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