A recent survey by CareerBuilder showed that 54% of workers who were laid off during the past year have since found new jobs and are working in different fields than they did in their previous employment.  With the present job market, it stands to reason that people might either shy away from remaining in a profession that resulted in a lay off; are simply taking what they can get; or are earnestly looking for a new career opportunity.  Whatever the case may be, people are looking elsewhere for job opportunities.

Obviously when this occurs, the hope is that people bring with them honest information regarding their skill set.  The concern lies in those that are so intent on getting a job that they will go to whatever length is necessary to make sure they stand out above the rest.  The result is often resume fraud, something that is rapidly becoming a problem as unemployment continues to plague our country.

One way to ensure the honesty of prospective employees is through an employment screening.  With so many people looking to different areas of work, it’s important to weed out those that bring with them solid experience and a willingness to learn, from those that are just looking to get ahead by lying.  An employment verification is a sure way to find out what type of employment the applicant had prior to applying, and gives a good understanding of whether they are lying about their experience or being honest about their career transition.

In any job hiring situation, it is a good idea to consider a background check.  There is a lot that can be learned, and it is a good way to make sure those that are hired are the most deserving on all levels.

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