One of the trends in business is to change the way companies put together job descriptions.  Many advocate getting rid of experienced based job descriptions that call for traditional skill sets.  The feeling is that these might be a terrible predictor of future successes.  Simply because someone fits everything on paper doesn’t mean they truly have what it takes to be a success.

Employment screening becomes all the more important when a company considers moving from a traditional job description to a performance based job description.  When you consider fitting someone into a company culture, that carries an attitude that matches that of current employees, and brings organizational skills and a drive that will only push the company forward, a performance based job description will provide you with stronger candidates because these types of things are easy to assess with a performance profile.

When a company is looking at broader picture to find a qualified candidate, it’s important to remember that a background check can help add to this picture by providing insight into the type of character he or she brings both on, and off, the job.  Criminal history might indicate a quality that would not fit the specific job, or an employment verification could reveal that he or she is the ideal candidate based on past job performance.  When looking for the ideal candidate, an employment screening provides an additional assessment tool.

As companies look to amend their traditional hiring practices, it is important to recognize all of the assessment opportunities, and utilize an employment screening to provide that additional knowledge of a candidate.

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