clean slate

One year ago in June 2018, the Governor of Pennsylvania signed in to law House Bill AB 1419, dubbed the “Clean Slate” bill that would seal the criminal records of anyone that had spent 10 years or more without reoffending, were never found guilty or had charges dismissed.

Now, one year later, this process has begun. This is the first bill of its kind, and Pennsylvania has become the first state to automatically seal eligible criminal records. With these sealed, an individual’s past criminal history will not hurt their chances for employment, or education, or housing, providing a clean slate.

The process of sealing these records will of course take some time, with over 30 million records needing to be sealed in the tate of Pennsylvania. Beginning this month (July 2019), 1/12th of the criminal records fitting the 10 years or more profile will be sealed each month starting with the most recent cases. All non-convictions within the past 10 years will be sealed first over the next few months, and then convictions that are 10 years old or beyond will be sealed in the months following until all records are sealed in the next year.

This is great news for anyone in the state of Pennsylvania who’s chances of getting a position are enhanced by the sealing of these records.


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