For those companies that are struggling to make the next great hire, or have made a bad hiring decision in the past, take note of this statistic:  More than half of companies in the top ten world economies have been affected by a bad hire.  A bad hire can have implications for years to come because it can impact productivity, client relations and internal employee morale.   There are also fiscal implications as well when a company must recruit and train another new employee due to the bad hiring decision that was made.  While there are many things that can predict whether or not a person will be a good hire, an employment screening can provide a hiring manager with solid background information about what a person brings to the table.

In a recent study conducted by a major online recruiting firm, more than half of the employers in the ten largest world economies indicated that a bad hire has impacted their business in a negative way.  These bad hires have resulted in a significant loss in revenue and productivity, and have presented challenges to employee morale and client relations.  All of these things are not what a company wants to see as they try to build business and leave a wider footprint in their individual marketplaces.

As the U.S. continues to recover from the recession and companies continue hiring amidst a growing economy, the realization that some bad hires can affect positive progress looms large.  In the United States, the EEOC has provided guidance on the use and limitations of certain portions of an employment screening, however, a background check is still a necessary tool in the hiring process.  If companies want to avoid making the next hire a bad one, then it is important to check out a candidate’s qualifications by exploring their background which includes past employment experience, education, personal references and criminal history.  While this may or may not provide all the answers as to whether or not the new hire would be completely successful, it will provide a snapshot of a candidate’s past and can help determine whether or not the applicant fits what the company is looking for to fill a position.

The survey mentioned above is important because it helps any hiring manager or HR decision maker to realize that hiring can present a challenge that will impact a company positively or negatively based on the success of appropriately screening candidates.  Along with the rest of the interview process, an employment screening can only enhance the opportunity a hiring manager has to make a successful hire, one that will better the company for years to come.

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