As HR personnel consider hiring and retention, multiple factors come into play.  If your company considers credit information, how do you use it and what are the factors you use in determining employment?  When the question of retention comes into focus, what are you doing to retain the best of the best?  As the economy has struggled along, what are the tough choices you have had to make?  The following articles provide insight into all these things.

Employer Credit Checks:  What can employers do with this information?

One of the concerns that prospective employees have when a potential employer runs a credit check on them is, “What will they do with the information?”  There are several myths surrounding pre-employment credit checks, and how companies disseminate the information they find in credit reports.  Six of the most widely held myths are addressed to provide job seekers peace of mind, and to give potential employers a look into what prospective employees are thinking when it comes to this piece of the hiring puzzle.

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Making Budgets Work: The City of Los Angeles Trying to Bring Things Into Balance

Whereas companies of all sizes have had to deal with the economic downturn of the last couple of years, a city like Los Angeles has to make recommendations that impact thousands.  The difficulty in a decision such as this one is that not all workers will receive the same treatment as monies for specific positions are pulled from separate funds that do not impact the city budget.   Those who are paid directly by the city are faced with a decision, whether or not to continue with furlough days or take a 4% pay cut.  There is a growing animosity as workers realize they are being forced to take a cut in one form or another, while others are exempt from feeling the economic impact.

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Whether battling budgets or creating a company culture that maximizes employee retention, employment screening continues to be a growing need for all companies.  When faced with decisions about pay scale or pay cuts, it’s important to know the qualifications of an individual and how their past employment history and salary history, as uncovered through employment verification, might impact their willingness to take less money or what pay they should be receiving even in a tough economy.  Companies want the best, and knowing potential risks that can be uncovered through a criminal search are one way to ensure the next hire is the right one.

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