reasons to background check

A county criminal search is one of the most popular searches utilized by small and large businesses alike.  It is perfect for focusing in on a particular area to find results about a person’s criminal past.  Whether an applicant lived in a location for a short or long amount of time, this search will provide results of any criminal activity in the identified county.

There are many other searches provided which utilize records derived from databases.  While these can be an effective tool for identifying criminal activity, a county criminal search will provide much more accurate results.  In most cases, a database search will provide a match based on name and date of birth.  In any search that utilizes a database for criminal history, these results must be verified through a county criminal search in order to perform due diligence to verify actual, confirmed results.

One thing to remember with a county criminal search is that each county has its own process with regards to gathering the needed information.  There may even be additional costs associated with the records retrieval based on the policy of the particular county being researched.  PeopleG2 has established researchers that routinely return searches to our clients within 24-72 hours.

Any company that decides to run a county criminal search as a part of their background check process can gather different levels of information if there is a record found.  Information provided in these court records include infractions, misdemeanors and felonies.  Most companies are interested in knowing about past felonies and misdemeanors through a county criminal search, however, the information is available for lesser crimes if it is deemed necessary based on the companies guidelines for hiring.

A county criminal search is an effective and time saving tool when screening potential employees for positions.  These can also be utilized in a re-screening procedure if a company desires to screen current employees on a regular basis.  If a company wants to know specific information about an individual that is fact based and backed by court documents, then a county criminal search needs to be considered a necessary part of any background check process.

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