One of the benefits of employment screening is that it can provide not only information about a criminal history, but it can also offer a hiring manager a glimpse of an applicant’s work history and qualifications.  With four applicants for every one job, chances are you will be seeing people who state they are qualified, and those whose qualifications may not necessarily match.  An employment verification is an important part of a background check if you want to verify that an applicant carries the necessary skill set to be successful at the job.

For those that have been out of work, it’s important for them to continue evolving their skills to keep themselves relevant in a job market.  If it has been a long time between positions and they state they have continued to learn and stay up to date, a reference verification is a good addition to a background check.  This provides the opportunity to speak with someone that was directly involved with the applicant’s continuing education.   Career retrofitting is a way in which many people are staying up to date on the latest trends in their chosen industry so that they remain marketable.  As a hiring manager, you want to make sure your background check package includes items like employment verifications and reference verifications to assist in learning all you can about an applicant.

It’s important to make the right hire.  Even though signs show the economy is improving and job creation is on the rise, competition remains high for open positions.  Make sure your employment screening contains solutions for providing relevant knowledge of an applicant’s skills so that you know you are offering the best qualified applicant the position.

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