One of the problems when using buzzwords like “transforming corporate culture” or “new corporate identity” is that an assumption is made by many that what’s good for one company can be utilized by others.  While certain aspects of corporate transformation can be translated from one company to the next, Human Resource Managers or those charged with creating a new company ethos need to look within their own context to create a model for change.

Every organization has its own specific goals, as well as its own set of difficulties.  Workplace flexibility is a difficult transformation, and the hope is that working with those company goals and difficulties will create a situation in which flexibility helps to achieve the stated goals and ease some of the difficulties that are being faced.  Flexibility is created to help employees, and as employees become more attuned to the changes, the organization as a whole will become more effective in its work and production.

During and after the process of creating a more flexible workplace, hiring managers become attuned to the types of employees the company is looking to hire as it looks to the future.  Employment screening becomes an integral part of this process because it helps to maintain the new vision.  Companies want to ensure that through employment verification, they gain an understanding that the person they want to hire can thrive in a flexible work environment.  A past that is uncovered through a criminal background check can also help influence decision makers, and helps hiring managers to see if a prospective employee’s past fits with the company’s future direction.

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