“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.”    – Herm Albright

Attitude is essential, not negotiable.  When you are in the midst of making your next hire, an employee’s attitude is what you are looking for in addition to all the other essentials that are needed for the hire to be successful.  When people lose that positive attitude, or don’t bring it in to a job, it can be detrimental to the morale of the entire company.

Attitude is obviously something that is difficult to gauge when you are just meeting a person for the first or second time.  When you utilize an employment screening from PeopleG2, there are tools that are available to help you understand what type of attitude a new employee will bring to the table.  A typical background check includes employment verifications and reference verifications.  These two things can provide a great deal of information about prior work performance, and can speak volumes to the character of a person. 

During the employment screening process, former employers are asked to provide basic information about a former employee.  Often times, due to company policy, nothing more than dates of employment and position title are provided.  Many will, however, provide additional insights about how the employee performed, whether they were well liked, and information that can provide an understanding of how a person will be in your particular setting. 

Reference verifications are another quality employment screening tool that can provide insight into an applicant’s on the job attitude.  Requesting professional references is one way to seek personal opinion on how a prospective employee’s attitude impacts them on a daily basis. 

The bottom line is that every company experiences ups and downs.  A good employee will bring a quality attitude, regardless of what is happening within the company.  Success is difficult to achieve.  It is nearly impossible to achieve without great employee attitude.  It’s important to use an employment screening process that includes the aforementioned tools to help gauge an applicant’s on the job attitude, and how it will fit with your companies already established culture.  

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