One of the common ideas about background checks is that they are for prospective employees as a tool for considering an offer of employment.  Employee background checks can also be used as a tool to screen current employees, and ensure that the background check run on them at the time of their hire is still valid.

The process of re-screening employees is something that more and more employers are doing.  While an employee background check was run at the time of hire, there are things that may have transpired while employed.  It is important that companies understand the value of re-screening as a way of ensuring current employees are adhering to company policies regarding such things as driving, criminal activity or drug use.

Once employed, many people feel that they are safe from this sort of scrutiny.  It is often times felt by an employee that once they have passed the initial employee background check, that no one will check on their recent activity.  While for many companies this may be the case, there are those that want to ensure their workplace is filled by those that strictly follow all policies and procedures.  A background check is one way to  make sure an employment agreement is being followed, and that employees are continuing to be an honest and valued member of the team.

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