Employee challenges are nothing new to a company, however, there are some basics that help drive a company that might be missing.  This requires looking at the overall health of employee morale, and finding answers to what employees need.


The energy level that is produced in the workplace can help make the culture of a company come alive.  Business hours are no longer simply 9 to 5.  With the ease of conducting business nationwide and globally, the traditional hours for work have been thrown out the window.  Some companies require long hours to achieve results, which can mean a drop in energy and overall enthusiasm for what an employee is doing.  This leaves companies looking for answers to some ever growing employee challenges, answers that can lead them to  better manage the workplace.

What is it then that tends to be missing?  Energy.  Employees in many companies feel like they are pulled in a lot of difference directions, or are working long hours to achieve the bottom line, giving way to the type of employee challenges that companies are dealing with.  When employees are engaged in a positive way, and given the tools to feel recharged and valued, they become more productive.

Unfortunately, too many companies are unsure of how to make this happen.   In a 2013 Gallup Poll, “The State of the American Workplace” it showed that only 30% of all employees are satisfied in their work places.  For every company, it’s important to identify why that is, and then determine whether or not the employees that work for you are indeed satisfied and enjoying their work.

One of the biggest employee challenges is to provide a work place where people not only come to work but also feel like it is something that is worth investing in.  It needs be something that takes the employees beyond a paycheck, and presents them with something that makes them feel like a valued contributor.  The bottom line…people need to love what they do and be passionate about the product they are supporting.

Employee challenges are nothing new, but as the work force has transformed to a new way of viewing “work,” the workplaces have to transform their culture to come alongside the ones most important to continued success.  No one wants to be unhappy in the workplace.  The challenge is for all companies to meet those employee challenges head on, and create a space that gives way to buy in, creativity and ownership.  When this happens, the energy level of all employees will increase, and productivity and enjoyment of the job will follow suit.

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