Companies always look for the best way to get good employees.  With so many job boards out there, hundreds of applications flood in for the best jobs.  Some believe that utilizing a recruiter or a recruiting firm is the best way to analyze talent and make the best hire possible.  One of the big trends in job hunting is networking, building one’s personal network so that they are a known commodity when pursuing employment.  Companies also utilize networking to get to know the top talent in the industry.

In recent studies, it has been shown that the best way to recruit and retain employees is through employee referrals.  This is a tried and true method, and employees that have been referred by other employees have been shown to stick around for long periods of time, as opposed to those who approach a company for a job through another method.

One of the key points to note when making a hire is that nearly 3 in 10 employers have caught a fake reference, or other false information, on a job application.  This can occur whether an employee is coming in completely blind, or has been referred to the company through an active employee.  It is important, even if someone has been referred, to conduct a thorough background check.  While the study referenced above found employee referrals are the best way to go to get a good hire, people will still attempt to make themselves look better on paper.  Employment verifications and education verifications are an important piece of the employment screening, as these will provide verification that what is being presented is true.  A criminal background check could also reveal something that would indicate a referral is not a good fit for the position they have been referred too.

While employees of companies are trusted for their opinions and referrals, PeopleG2 recommends conducting a background check on every employee prior to an offer of employment.  It’s important to make a smart hire so that your company can move forward.

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