Small business owners are presented with challenges.  There is a certain level of stress that comes with owning and operating a small business.  Once success is achieved there can be a little room to breathe, but the stressors of the overwhelming task of maintaining a business continue to be great.

In order to take some of the stress off of themselves, small business owners need to make the right hires.  Obviously, one of the keys is to know what is on an employee’s background check.  But once employees are hired, owners need to find creative ways to reward top performance.  This helps to keep employees motivated and pushing to be the best at their trade.

It is important, especially in a small business environment, to keep the rewards coming throughout the year, not just one time.  Prior success may have been noted through an employment verification, but to keep success current, owners and managers need to be looking for ways to help employees feel appreciated at all times.  Acknowledging employees in front of their peers is a positive way to draw them out and make them feel like they are contributing as a part of the team.  An employment screening can provide information about the past and make sure the hire is successful, but a positive workplace filled with reinforcing praise can make quite a difference towards continued success.

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