A typical employment background check can reveal several things about an applicant.  As an employer works through applicants and interviews, various ways of assessing an applicant’s abilities, expertise and work history are utilized.  From an HR perspective, there is obviously a desire for as complete a picture to be painted of an applicant as possible.

An employment background check can certainly help paint as broad or as precise a picture of an applicant as a company wants.  Whether a company wants to know criminal history or previous employment information, all of this is available through a background check.  Credit reports can also be obtained on applicants as well, if an applicant’s credit background is integral to the hiring decision based on the criteria established by the employer.  Another addition to an employment background check is an FCRA compliant Social Media Screening.  This can provide insight into what sorts of online presence an applicant maintains, which may or may not fit a company’s employment policy.

There are many options for employment background checks, all of which help to create a picture of what type of person an employer is considering hiring.  As noted above, it depends on the company to decide how broad, or how precise a picture of an applicant is needed to make the hiring decision.  Make sure your company is processing applicants in the most efficient way possible by getting the most out of an employment background check.

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