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Since December 2007, employment for those people 55 and older is up 3.9 million.  More and more people are putting off retirement due to the difficult economic conditions of the last several years.  This age group of workers is now among the largest group of workers who are increasing employment in the U.S.  In February, employment for workers 55 and older rose by 277,000 from January.  According to data gathered by the Department of Labor, this accounted for 65% of the overall employment increase nationwide.

The fear, of course, is that these older workers are taking jobs from those that are younger.  In a trend that has been seen throughout the business world, the more experienced workers often generate economic growth which in turn will lead to additional jobs.

When older workers compete for jobs, their resumes can be packed with job experience and schooling that exceeds those of other applicants.  This can be impressive to an HR department or hiring manager.  Conducting an employment screening on older job applicants is no less important than that of younger applicants.  A background check can provide vital information to a hiring manager and can either back up information provided or provide alternative facts about an applicant.  It doesn’t matter how impressive the resume and experience of an applicant.  A background check is a useful tool to make sure the right person is hired for the job, and will provide the necessary information to make an informed decision on a candidate.

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