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How Will Employment Screening Lower Your Spending Costs?

As the employment rates are slowly beginning to decline again after the 2009 recession, keeping new hires and maintaining secure jobs is more important than ever. Poor employments rates don’t just hurt applicants, it can cost a company a huge portion of their budget. In times such as these, applicants are using the opportunity to use resume fraud to gain employment, and many are following suit. The more applicants feel as though they can lie to employers, the more employers must increase its firings after unsuccessful hiring, and this in turn will lead to less new jobs. Cost effective strategies are in everyone’s best interest, and here’s how to get them.

Don’t Leave Out The Most Important Factor When Hiring

Some companies base their hiring on good applications or good interviews, but most hire based on a combination of both. A good resume will get an employee in the door, but a great interview will secure them the position. Once a company is satisfied with both of these elements, the hiring process can begin. This is such a standard procedure, yet has a gaping flaw that is costing American businesses billions every year: there is no verification of the information given by the applicant. Many companies are beginning to evolve their hiring policies to include employment screening, yet many have yet to utilize this tool and are chalking up their poor hiring rates on chance.

Don’t Just Count On “The Employer’s Instinct”

Some companies have taken the initiative when it comes to hiring, but many still find themselves with less than desirable results. Why? Employers are not using these background check techniques in a consistent manner. Some businesses use them only when they don’t feel secure with an employee, or when the position is the lower rate of income in the corporation. Many employers hire in trusted acquaintances and don’t feel the need to verify a resume. Overlooking applicants searching for higher paying jobs and who are trusted associates will only increase a company’s re-hire cost and send a message in the hiring community that you do not check for resume fraud. Employment screening is necessary every time a company hires, and staying consistent with this process will eventually get your business an outstanding hiring record.

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