Trust in any situation is important.  Once trust is established in a social context, people know they can rely on one another.  The same can be said for an employment situation, and an employment screening solution is one way to validate a trust relationship right from the start.

In this economy, trust is difficult on both the employer and applicant sides.  There is concern that a job may not last long or provide stable income.  There is a lack of trust when it comes to the skills that a candidate presents on a resume.  There is a belief that because of the times, a candidate chosen and hired will be on his or her way out the door when something better comes along.  These, as well as other issues, present a lack of trust between employer and candidate/employee.

In order to build trust on both sides, there are things that can be done.  A background check can assist an employer in knowing what a candidate brings to the table.  An employment screening can include such things as an employment verification to provide insight into previous employment history; a criminal search to rule out or at least make an employer knowledgeable about past criminal history; a sex offender search to make sure the applicant is not a registered sex offender, particularly if they are working with or around children; and many other types of employment screening solutions that help provide the employer with a good understanding of who they are hiring.  With this in hand, trust can begin from the start.

An applicant has the opportunity to do their own research about a company.  Stable employment is of course a primary desire for anyone looking for a job, so knowing as much about the company and its history can certainly assist in building trust as a prospective employee.

An employment screening can help to build trust for both employer and employee.  An offer of employment means the employer trusts what was learned in the interview as well as what was discovered on the background check.  For the employee, knowing that the employer’s decision is based not only on a quality interview but also on the background check should provide a sense of trust that the employer views him/her as a solid candidate for employment.  Contact PeopleG2 today to create your employment screening solution.

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