The practice of resume screening has many different aspects to it.  During the last several years as the number of applicants applying for some jobs has numbered in the hundreds, companies have had to utilize different resume screening tactics.  

Applicants have learned that keyword identification is one way to get their resume noticed.  Companies still look for those keywords; however, there are specific keywords that are more recognizable than others.  An applicant tracking system (ATS) is another way to help screen resumes.  Whether it is a questionnaire, a skill test, or ensuring that the recruiter and hiring manager are on the same page with what they are looking for in a resume is your tool of choice, these are also efficient ways to screen a resume. 

The problem with resumes is that it is easy for people to lie about skills or experience because, particularly in a down job market, making yourself stand out is what is most important.  These lies can end up hurting a company if the wrong person is hired.  An employment screening can help further draw out lies on a resume, and can screen an applicant’s resume in ways that a computer program or an applicant tracking system cannot.  A quality employment screening provides a hands on, fact based verification of past employment and skills.

Through employment verifications and education verifications, a background check can discover the actual information about an employees work history.  Reference verifications can also deliver quality, first-hand information about an applicant that a skill test will not reveal.  When you make that hire, you want to know that the person you are bringing on board has been truthful and up front about skills and experience.  A bad hire can hurt a company for years.  An employment screening can help draw out the facts about an applicant.

When working to make the next hire, even if your company utilizes other things to weed out applicants, make sure due diligence is done by completing a full background check on any applicant you are considering moving forward with.  The cost of hiring can often times be exorbitant, so make sure you only do it once.  A well planned out hiring process, which includes an employment screening, can be the key to a successful future, not only for the new employee but for the company as well.

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