When creating a flexible work culture, it becomes more about changing the way of thinking and working rather than just a change in schedule.  Flexibility in the workplace means helping employees make quality contributions to the business and manage their personal lives with a little more freedom than they may have enjoyed in other positions.

One of the keys to achieving total buy in to this type of corporate shift is to make sure employees are engaged in the process.  More than this is the effective ability of management to help initiate and foster the change.  Proper trainings should be offered to management on facilitating this type of transformation that provide them with the tools in which they can excel in a time of transition. 

The greatest key to moving a company from a standard corporate ideology to a flexible work culture is to ensure policies, programs and resources are updated to inform employees about what is available.  Flexibility must become a buzz word, and the organization needs to buy into this ideal from top to bottom.  As mentioned above, employee buy in to the process is paramount, and as employees are newly hired, employment screening is a key to making sure the right type of employees are put in place.  An employment verification can provide a keen insight to a person’s work history and give a hiring manager the foundational knowledge that is needed to identify the proper fit for the organization.

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