Several companies conduct their own inquiries into an applicant’s background, or pay exorbitant amounts for overpriced “background checks” found on the internet.  All companies need to understand the importance of making sure a background check is done correctly, with accurate information provided to help make an informed decision.  PeopleG2 provides employment screening solutions that will save companies money in the long run, and provide an accurate picture of what an employee will bring to a position.

An employment screening can be utilized for multiple purposes.  These include, but are not limited to, pre-employment background checks, annual re-screening of current employees, and promotion decisions.  The most important factor when screening for employment purposes is to make sure the background check meets the needs of the company.  Far too often, a company will simply accept a “package” from a background check company that either provides less information than what is needed or be overpriced, providing information that is not needed.  PeopleG2 offers several levels of employment screening options, and will work to ensure that a custom fit package is provided that meets the hiring guidelines for each and every client.

While it is easy to cut corners, particularly in such a difficult economic environment, making a quality hire is not a place to cut.  If the hired person doesn’t work out, the costs to re-hire a position will outweigh what it would have taken to do it right the first time.  This is the primary reason that companies should take the time to do a proper employment screening.  This can save a company time and money in the long run, and provide peace of mind with every hiring decision so that the focus can be on moving forward with the big picture in mind.

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