Employment screening can save time in the hiring process.  It can help reduce employee turnover and can even help maintain or often times improve workplace morale.

There are some basic reasons why companies choose to implement an employment screening process.  They all vary slightly, but all have the same underlying reason, which is to make sure the person that is being considered is the right person for the job.  Anyone who has done hiring knows that at some point, the wrong choice might be made.  In order to avoid this, conducting a thorough background check is what can help make the best decision.

Below are some reasons that are often considered as the top reasons for conducting an employment screening.

  • Your company has been burned by a poor hiring decision
  • The employee will be in a position of trust
  • The job has special security concerns
  • The job requires knowledge of specific technologies
  • You want to reduce employee turnover

Every company has been faced with one or more of these reasons for conducting a thorough background check on an individual.  The process of conducting a background check is complex, and if it is important enough for your company, then it is imperative that you utilize PeopleG2 for the purposes of any employment screening.  When an employment screening is done correctly and completed in accordance with all applicable local, state and federal employment laws, it can help a company streamline their hiring process and keep turnover rates down.

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