Temporary employees have been utilized for years as a low-risk solution for companies that are looking to find a full time candidate to fill a position.  Due to the economy, the conversion rate from temp to permanent has been low because companies are looking at temps to stay in a temporary position.  This is done so that, in the event of another down turn, companies have not put out the money needed to support a full time, permanent employee.

This puts even more pressure on temporary employees to shine and get noticed.  In an economy where jobs are scarce, landing a temp job can be an avenue to future employment, but there is also a need to stand out.  Once the economy turns around, temporary employees know that if there is a future opportunity, they have to put in their best effort in each and every day.

For the hiring company, the HR department is charged with selecting quality temporary employees and the managers are challenged with identifying future talent based on what they are provided.  Employment screening solutions are available through PeopleG2 for temporary agencies.  These applicants have background checks run that are equivalent to those companies that are hiring direct.  It is important for a temporary agency to know the information that exists through an employment verification, a criminal search or a civil search.  This information can be helpful to the company at which they are assigned, and can further influence a future hiring decision if their background check reveals a past that is exactly what the company is looking for.

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