Dale Carnegie utilized the phrase, “Act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic.”  In a job interview, this can be great advice.  When an applicant steps into a job interview, the thing they are trying to do is to influence the interviewer.  Every applicant walks in to an interview feeling that they are the one for the job.  What appears on their background check has the potential to move things in a whole other direction.

Unfortunately, being a good influencer will probably not be the only key to landing the job.  While this will certainly impress a hiring manager if an applicant can talk the talk, there is more to a hiring decision then just this interviewing aspect.  In today’s job market, employers want to know that the person they hire will be the best at what they do.  An employment screening, coupled with an extensive interview process will provide a good picture of what the company will get if a particular applicant is hired.

A criminal search can bring up things from an applicant’s past that might be a cause for alarm.  An employment verification can help paint a picture of whether or not the applicant’s past work history is reflective of the position being applied for.  A drug test will provide peace of mind to an employer that a prospective employee will not be problematic due to drug use.

While a person’s influence on a hiring manager is certainly a good way to make that first impression, companies must be ready to take additional steps to make sure they make the right hire.  An employment screening can provide these answers, and paint a clear picture of what the company will get if a job offer is extended.

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