In 2007, the State of Colorado passed the Colorado Employment Verification Law (8-2-122, C.R.S).  This law requires Colorado employers to verify via an affirmation that an employee is eligible for employment in the state of Colorado.

As of 2014, an additional step was added to this law.  Colorado employers must now utilize the Division Mandatory Affirmation Form for all employees hired after October 1, 2014.  This is an official form which shows eligibility for employment in the State of Colorado, and must be filled out for every public and private employee.

The purpose of the employment verification form is to standardize the information obtained on employees regarding their legal ability to work, as outlined in the 2007 law.  This employment verification form must be filled out, signed and dated within 20 days of hire.  This is in addition to the federal requirement of verification using Form I-9.

The employment verification form is not required to be submitted to the Division of Labor.  Employers need to retain a copy of it in the employees personnel records for the duration of the employee’s employment.  The Division of Labor reserves the right to periodically audit employers, and upon request, must be able to produce a copy of the form.

States creating additional guidelines for employment is nothing new.  Several states have their own regulations and laws that are supplemental to the federal laws.  This employment verification form is an attempt to stream line the law passed in 2007, and give employers a standardize document, like the Form I-9, that they have each employee fill out at the time of hire.

If you are a Colorado based employee, ensure that you are in compliance by downloading the Colorado Employment Verification Form.  This is an important document which will keep your company out of trouble should the Division of Labor decide to do an audit.

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