Providing a workplace that complies with equal employment statutes is a key to not only continued success, but also to avoiding unnecessary penalties and fines.  Complying with equal opportunity statutes can be aided by conducting background checks on prospective individuals.  Rather than face allegations or charges of race, gender, disability, religious or age discrimination, due diligence is needed to decide who the best candidate might be, and an employment screening can help in the decision making process.

Over the course of the 2011 fiscal year, there have been nearly 100,000 charges received by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  This number is the largest amount of complaints about job discrimination in the history of the EEOC.  Much of it can be blamed on the economy, and employers who, with limited resources and ability to hire, want to hire their ideal employee and not necessarily the most qualified for the job.

In a time in which the job market it so difficult, it is the older population that is seeing more discrimination.  A background check that provides information gathered through an employment verification can show the experience that they may have over a younger applicant.  A reference verification can testify to the years of knowledge that someone brings to the table.

A background check can be utilized as a tool to ensure the proper screening of candidates.  In a time when hiring is till at a low level compared to those out of work, it makes sense for a company to go after the strongest candidate, regardless of age, gender, or any of the other discriminatory classifications monitored by the EEOC.  Make sure your company is EEOC compliant, that all decisions about hiring include a background check, and that due diligence is followed so that the correct choice can be made.

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