exaggerating the truth

It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that does hiring, but 23 percent of job candidates have admitted to exaggerating the truth on their resume, or in an interview, to get hired for a position.  Why does this happen?

In some instances, a discrepancy may be accidental. In others, the discrepancy was created on purpose to make it more possible to get the job they are applying for. These discrepancies can have multiple implications.  The first of course is that it can prove costly for the company to hire someone that was not qualified for a position, fire them, and go through the entire recruiting process again. Another implication is that the person hired based on their supposed knowledge can cause damage to the company.  If they don’t have an understanding of what they are doing, they can cost the company money in production costs, salary costs and sales costs depending on the industry.

Due to this and other reasons, background screenings have continued to gain support.  Eight two percent of consumers feel that companies should be running background checks on prospective and even current employees.  Why?  Because it raises the credibility of an organization.  It shows people that companies care about who they are hiring and what they are hiring them for.  It shows prospective candidates and anyone looking at a company that they care about their business, they care about their consumers, and they care about their future in whatever industry they may be a part of.

Hiring someone that is exaggerating the truth on a resume can have disastrous implications. Just recently, PeopleG2 uncovered an instance where an applicant had falsified information on a resume, and over the years has helped companies uncover hundreds of applicants who have exaggerated on a resume, resulting in thousands of dollars saved in recruiting costs.

Background screenings are an important part of business today. Without them, your company may be faced with multiple problems down the road.

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