Over the last several years, many state governments have mandated the use of E-Verify as a tool to be used when conducting an employment screening.  Recently, the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security held a hearing to discuss the possibility of requiring ALL employers nationwide to utilize E-Verify as a part of reforming the immigration system.  E-Verify, which checks the legal status of employees and their employment eligibility by comparing their I9 information against government records, has become a standard screening tool by more than 430,000 American employers.  Aside from those companies that reside in states which mandate it’s use, all others utilize this system voluntarily as a way of protecting their business.

During the hearing, some of the items that were discussed as a way of further developing the E-Verify system were:

  • Continued program growth
  • Customer satisfaction based on program growth
  • Improvements in accuracy for authorized employees
  • Increasing E-Verify Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Strengthening E-Verify and combating identity fraud

PeopleG2 is an authorized agent of E-Verify, and works with the Department of Homeland Security to ensure that all I-9 verifications that are processed through E-Verify are returned with satisfactory results.  In the event that eligibility to work is not provided via E-Verify, PeopleG2 will assist its clients in its role as an agent by helping the employer through the next steps with the DHS.

As the E-Verify debate continues to unfold, PeopleG2 is here to help get businesses registered with the Department of Homeland Security to use E-Verify if they choose to utilize this as a part of their background check process.

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