U.S. employers are in a state of transition in regards to their job creation and hiring prodecures. Many companies are discovering that the older ways of hiring employees is becoming less and less successful. Why? Most companies do not utilize the employment screening technology available to them. The overflowing amount of information available to the public about potential employees and their backgrounds may seem sufficient, but a lack of qualified resources could not only impede your hiring, it could also put your business in a great deal of legal trouble. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act was created to monitor and regulate the use of credit reports in verifying the status of an employee or consumer. Upholding this act works to benefit both parties.  It provides a level of trust to employers while also keeping a potential employee’s rights in check. While most companies would like to comply with these standards, few know the right way to go about it. Many times a company will either lean on the more cautious side and will be less likely to check an applicant’s background, or they will violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act unknowingly and open their company to potentially damaging litigation.

Luckily, the difficulty of finding the right balance of background checks can be resolved easily. Employment screening businesses are skilled in working with these standards to provide an efficient and productive method to finding the best candidates for any business. Using a specialized screening company will not only prevent employment mistakes, it will also help your business create a comprehensive guide to hiring that employers could use repeatedly and successfully. 

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