In a recent report by the National Law Enforcement Employment Project (NELP), it was revealed that at least 1.8 million workers a year are subjected to FBI background checks that contain faulty or incomplete information.  NELP is an advocacy organization that works for employment rights of lower wage and unemployed workers.

It is estimated that due to the faulty reports, almost 600,000 people could be faced with prejudice in their job search because the FBI does not have accurate records.  Often times, arrests are recorded however the final disposition is not.  Having accurate disposition information is crucial on a criminal background check report because even if there was an arrest made and the subject was charged with a felony, for example, it could very well have been dismissed or reduced.  An employer might only see the felony arrest, and be discouraged from continuing further in the employment process with an applicant due to this information.  In the case of the FBI background checks, 50% of the records contained in their database fail to include information on the final disposition of the case. 

Unfortunately, criminal databases are often not updated with accurate case information.  In the case of the aforementioned database searches conducted by the FBI, it is clear that there have been many individuals that have not gotten a fair chance due to inaccurate or incomplete information being contained in the criminal database controlled by the FBI.   In a day in age in which employment opportunities are at a premium, it is necessary to have the most accurate information available for employers to make an informed decision.  The only sure way to know you have all the information needed on a particular candidate is to gather the information from the court directly.  Choosing a background check company that conducts these types of searches, and has a history of accuracy because of utilizing court based records rather than solely database searches is important when you are looking to make an informed decision on a candidate.

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