FCRA compliance support

Reliable FCRA compliance support can help you and your team feel more at ease throughout the hiring process.

Pre-employment screening is absolutely essential for protecting your business and determining perfect-fit hires. Unfortunately, background checks also bring a risk of FCRA litigation if any part of your process is non-compliant.

In fact, FCRA claims have been on the rise since 2011, and it doesn’t look like they’ll let up anytime soon.

As an added challenge, compliance requirements are constantly evolving at the federal, state, and local levels. If your background check procedures and forms fail to evolve with the laws, you are vulnerable to litigation.

At PeopleG2, we understand how difficult it is to stay current with changing regulations. That’s why we provide FCRA compliance support for businesses like yours. We do the heavy lifting of making sure your forms and process reflects the laws relevant to your industry and location.

What Are FCRA Compliance Support Tools?

When you conduct employee background screening, you must abide by certain regulations and standards for communication.

For example, you need to disclose what the background check will include. You need to secure the candidate’s consent. You must ensure the applicant receives a copy of the report, and you have to inform them if their record influenced your hiring decisions.

To complicate things further, different states and counties have different restrictions regarding the content of your background screening.

Many states now have salary-history bans. The ever-changing legality regarding marijuana use has led to some changes in drug screening standards. And many regions have adopted the new “ban the box law,” prohibiting the conviction history question from job applications.

None of this even touches on the shifting screening laws related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Our FCRA compliance support tools help you navigate these laws by providing current, compliant paperwork and screening procedures. We work with you personally to ensure we meet the needs of your organization while maintaining FCRA compliance.

We offer FCRA compliance support in many forms, but some of the most popular include:

Adverse Action Letters

When you decide not to offer a job based on the results of a background check, FCRA regulations require you to send the applicant notice of your employment decision.

This is called an adverse action notice. This document informs the applicant of your decision. It also reminds the individual receiving the letter that they have a right to dispute any errors in their consumer report.

The wording of an adverse action letter must be precise in order to ensure FCRA compliance. We provide your company with an adverse action letter that aligns with Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

Pre-Background Check Letters

You are required to secure applicant consent before running background checks. You must also tell the candidate what information you will be collecting and by what means.

Once again, precise phrasing is important. You also must know what reports you are legally permitted to gather according to the regulations of your state and city. These guidelines may vary. Likewise, not all reports are relevant for all positions.

The team at PeopleG2 works with you to develop FCRA compliant pre-background check letters for each job classification.

Emailed and Mailed Reports

As a background screening company, we are able to screen your candidates and mail and email the resulting reports to each applicant as required by the FCRA.

We provide these FCRA compliance support services not only for your protection, but also to ensure a great hire doesn’t get away.

Inaccurate reporting is more common than you might think. When an applicant is promptly informed of their consumer report, they are able to quickly correct a damaging error. This could potentially save you from resorting to your second choice candidate.

FCRA Compliance Support Tailored to Your Needs

These are only a few of the FCRA compliance support tools we offer. Compliance is a complex consideration that varies according to your local government, your industry, and the position in question.

This complexity makes an expert service like ours all the more valuable. We work with you to make sure every criminal report, credit report, DMV report, or other report you order is collected legally.

We protect your company from costly litigation and help you hire talent faster and with greater confidence.

Is It Time for a Compliance Review?

Not sure whether you actually need FCRA compliance support?

We offer a free compliance audit. We’ll review your background check process and documentation to see if you’re up-to-date with local laws. There’s no obligation to you. We just want to help you stay on the good side of the FCRA.

Get your free FCRA compliance review here.

We also invite you to book a demo to learn more about how PeopleG2 can make your background screening process simpler, safer, and more cost effective.

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