In times past, the HR department was nothing more than the group that gathered resumes, conducted employment screenings, reviewed qualifications and forwarded recommendations to hiring managers.  Today, the strategic role of HR executives is being recognized as a key part of success within organizations.  Companies that take a look at their overall success and realize the broader picture includes the strategic workings of human resources are putting those human capital pieces into the map for continued and long term growth.

In a recent study, it was discovered that if a company has an effective Chief HR Officer, that effectiveness will have a positive effect on the bottom line of the organization.  A CHRO that brings the strategic blue print for continued talent management and professional growth for employees can sync that with the overall goals and strategy of the organization.  When these two work together, there is great potential for positive organizational growth.

As a CHRO, one of the main goals is talent development and talent management.  When employees become complacent, they are not being challenged or maneuvered into the best spots for success.  This hurts both the employee and the company.  Another goal of a CHRO is to work to retain key talent.  In a time in which positions are at a premium, when a company has the programs in place to want key talent to stay, that is a definite plus and can only enhance the company’s bottom line.

Transactional HR leadership has become a thing of the past.  The strategic role of human resources runs the gambit from recruitment to retirement and everything in between.  From that first employment screening run on a candidate to gain a sense of the type of person that wants to work for the company, to regular reviews to ensure the employee is engaged and doing what they can do to best help the company, to creating new opportunities within the company to retain top talent, the CHRO or top HR executive is responsible for the entire employee life cycle, which then ties in to the overall vision for a successful company.

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