While there is some variety among healthcare background screening needs, the basic remains the same. Like most companies they want to know criminal history, previous employment history and educational background. In addition to these typical searches, healthcare organizations also might want to know professional license verifications as well as any sanctions that might have been levied against the individual.

These basic components of a background check for a healthcare position might differ slightly depending on state laws and new regulations that arise.  For traveling nurses or positions that might go from state to state, compliance concerns might come into play so it is important for hiring managers in the healthcare industry to stay up to date with any changes or mandates when it comes to compliance.

So aside from the basics, what is important to the healthcare industry to make the next great hire?

“We’re looking for someone with a positive, happy personality. They should like being with the elderly and helping. They don’t necessarily need experience working with them. We provide all the needed training, above and beyond what the state expects. Per our state laws, background checks must be done at the time of hire and every 4 years thereafter. Some offenses that might be found require review by a rehabilitation by state regulations.

Other things are that important:

  • Even if they have theft on their record, you still need to make the determination whether to hire them
  • We’re always looking for the best qualified candidates. We usually feel someone with theft on their record may not be a good fit because they’d be working with vulnerable adults. For our residents, this is their home and they leave their valuables out.
  • Likewise, someone that has drug abuse issues may not be a good fit, because staff administer a lot of medications, including narcotics.” Julie Heil, Chief Operating Officer, Milestone Senior Living

“Our senior leadership and managers are committed to hiring and retaining STARS associates – associates who embrace Brightview’s core values of Service, Teamwork, Action, Reputation and Success. We believe these core values are the key ingredients to hiring great associates. How do we find STARS? Group interviewing is a staple of hiring for our caregivers. Each year, we receive hundreds of applications for each community, and we invite all applicants to participate in group interviews. Instead of the traditional one-on-one interview approach that focuses on the applicants’ work experience, we first screen applicants in group interviews for how they respect and interact with other applicants in the room. The only questions that are asked of each attendee are around the STARS core values. Applicants who are disengaged when other applicants are speaking will not live up to our STARS core values when working with our associates and residents.

Moreover, we have identified a behavioral assessment tool for our frontline candidates to complete during the application process via a partnership with Healthcare Source, a leader in talent management solutions for healthcare organizations. This tool helps determine how an applicant will perform on the job, how likely they will stay with Brightview, and their overall service orientation. The power of the tool is that it creates a custom interviewing questionnaire for the hiring manager based on the candidate’s individual results and allows the hiring manager to better understand if this candidate can be successful in senior living and within Brightview’s culture. From this data, we also develop analytical reports to help us identify key criteria in hiring our STARS. For Director and Home Office positions, Brightview uses two assessment tools: the PI (Predictive Indicator) and the Wonderlic, a pre-employment, critical thinking measurement that is also used to screen professional athletes. Brightview believes that our use of customized assessment tools helps to hire the best talent in the field. After the candidate has accepted the offer of employment, Brightview runs drug and criminal background screenings. We of course also run the required background checks as regulated by the states in which our communities are located.” Julie Masiello, VP of Sales and Marketing, Brightview Senior Living

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