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Will 2015 bring about more hiring than 2014?  According to several predictions for this year, it’s anticipated that this will be the case.  Along with this increased hiring trend comes the risk associated with making those hires.  Anytime a company hires someone from the outside for an open position, there is a sense of calculated risk that the person being hired is the one for the job. Hiring mistakes can happen, but they certainly can be avoided. There are some common hiring mistakes that can happen, but can be easily avoided.

One of the biggest hiring mistakes is when credentials are not checked out. Things like education, professional licenses, and previous employment are sometimes taken at face value. For example, an employer will request a copy of a degree shingle, and if produced by the employee they will simply check that off the list of things they need to verify, never taking into account that it could very well be a fake. We have seen many fake credentials produced by candidates and when challenged they adamantly state that it was definitely earned by the school. When you verify directly to the institution or professional licensing organization, there is no recourse for that prospective employee if it is found to not be true.

Some company’s drug test, some don’t. A lot of times this is dictated by the industry and if drug tests are needed due to things like driving or machinery. Drug use can lead to higher rates of absenteeism and can also hinder safety and productivity. Rather than deal with this hiring mistake, pre-employment drug testing as well as intermittent testing of employees is something that more employers should consider.

A prevalent mistake that is made in the hiring process, and one that continues to grow is the use of social media screening done “in house.” Social media hiring mistakes can put a company in hot water if it’s determined that their social media search resulted in not being hired on reasons of discrimination or using protected information that was found. If a company wants to do this type of search, it’s best to leave it to the experts and get a true, FCRA compliant background check.

Hiring mistakes can come into play even down the road when an employee has become established. Re-screening is always one sure way to find out if your employees are still as clean as they were they day you hired them. Employers don’t always know what happens when their employees leave the office, so it’s best to re-screen to make sure their record continues to go along with the standards that the company expects.

Does your company make any of these hiring mistakes?  There are a lot of these errors that companies can avoid. To keep hiring costs low and not be faced with the burden of doing it all over again, consider what mistakes might be prevalent in your hiring process. This can save a lot of time, money and frustration.

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