It’s that time of year where retail stores begin their holiday hiring, and a background check should be on the check list.  Any sort of hiring, whether permanent or temporary, should not be considered complete without an employment screening

One of the big reasons for employment screening is to help a company know that the person they hire will be a fit, and not a distraction.  Occasionally, a company may feel that because it is temporary position being filled, that the person hired could not possibly do that much damage if it ends up being a bad hire.  It does not take much to disrupt a positive work environment, so it is very important that even a temporary or seasonal hire be screened just as any other employee is screened through a background check process.

Due to the nature of temporary employment, it may not be as important for a company to know previous employment history, but it is up to the hiring manager or HR department to set the standards for any employment screening process.  If an understanding of employment history is deemed necessary, then there should be an employment verification completed on the candidate.  If it is important to know any sort of criminal history, then a criminal background check should be in order.  If the applicant will be working around children, a 50 state sex offender search is an important piece to ensure complete disclosure and safety for both the applicant and the company looking to hire.

While employment screening may seem like an overkill for some companies looking to hire someone for a few weeks, it’s important to remember that any hire can be detrimental to a business or company.  The sales experts at PeopleG2 can help you assess your companies needs as you look to hire temporary employees this holiday season.  Please contact us at 800-630-2880, and our sales department will be happy to assist you in developing an employment screening plan for ensuring safety and top production during this important retail season.

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