Hospitality Staffing Solutions

Hiring for hospitality comes with unique challenges tied to seasonal spikes, quick turnover, and often a need to fill many positions at once. Hospitality also comes with special hiring risks – namely, pulling from applicants who often move from state to state with more frequency than those in nearly any other industry.

Below, we present four simple tips that can make your staffing go smoothly, no matter the complications you might face. Some may seem like more obvious solutions than others, but all will go a long way towards making sure your guests are taken care of (not to mention all the other team members your new hires will be working alongside).

Hospitality Staffing Solutions

1. Certification Verification

Depending on the state you’re operating in, not just your cooks but your servers, bartenders, and even bussers may need to hold a food handler’s card or beverage certification before working for you. It’s a step many employers only touch on, especially if they’re hiring many workers simultaneously. However, this is one step that shouldn’t be left to the honor system – make sure your applicants not only claim to be certified, but that you see the credentials for yourself.

If you want maximum protection from liability, go the extra mile and have a background check service like PeopleG2 verify the credentials for you. It’s often easy to forge these documents, but by contacting the schools or training organizations directly, you can be absolutely sure they’re legitimate. If irresponsible service results in over-serving alcohol or delivering unsafe food, you could be held accountable for not doing all you could to ensure the well-being of your guests.

2. Sex Offender Search

Hopefully, it goes without saying that you run a criminal history search on your candidates. Hospitality can be an especially attractive industry for a wide range of criminals – from those escaping fraud, to those experienced with and capable of much more serious crimes.

No matter what branch of hospitality you’re in, adding a sex offender registry search is a crucial act of protection. Guests are particularly vulnerable to the employees you’ll be hiring, and discovering a history of sexual misconduct before hiring the wrong ones can be life-saving in many ways.

It’s not enough to simply run a screening through the National Sex Offender Registry, either. Make sure the service you use also runs one through the state level. If a candidate has an address history across more than one state, then include those states in your search as well.

3. Start With a Social Security Number Trace

In general, there’s perhaps no industry more relevant to casting a wide background check net than in hospitality, for the reasons we outlined at the beginning. A useful prerequisite for any hospitality background check is a social security number trace, which can reveal a lot of information before the deeper dig even begins. To be more specific, a SSN trace can reveal many potential red flags that your subsequent search might want to target.

If more than one name tied to that SSN is returned on a trace (especially if the candidate hasn’t disclosed this), you’ll want to broaden your criminal history search to include all of them. A SSN trace can also reveal gaps in a candidate’s residence history, or reveal addresses that haven’t been listed on an application. In both cases, you’ll have glaring areas to explore further, and certainly new questions to ask.

4. Mobile Hiring

Finally, the tip that makes all of these solutions run as smoothly as possible is one that PeopleG2 happens to specialize in – mobile background checks and ID verification. You don’t even have to be in the same room as your applicants to process them securely and efficiently. PeopleG2’s SwiftHire makes it all easy for you – we sync to your existing applicant tracking system to provide tracking, screening and hiring within a few clicks, as our AI tailors your unique background check to meet any and all compliance requirements.

With SwiftHire, you also provide full transparency to your candidate, giving them easy access to their results as they come in. SwiftHire’s companion software, SwiftID, even helps you verify passports, licenses and other relevant ID documents remotely, saving you lots of time and paperwork. When it comes to hiring spikes, there are no better tools at your disposal than PeopleG2’s mobile solutions.

One Last Word on Hospitality Staffing Solutions

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the solutions PeopleG2 offers for hospitality. Learn more about our customized approach to serving you here. We even make it easy to schedule a consultation and get up and running.

In a business where hiring fluctuates, time is of the essence – and we’ve got the solutions you need to staff faster and safer. We’ve also got the industry’s best compliance knowledge, and can help advise you on screenings that dig deep but always stay in-bounds. Reach out today to learn more, and see why our top-ranked service is the perfect match for yours.

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